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Clarification: Foreign Qualification assessment process – incorporating the NOOSR move to Department of Education


The Standards Authority clarifies that under its current draft guidance for Foreign Qualification assessment, individuals with qualifications gained outside Australia will need to obtain an assessment from the Department of Education and Training (DET).

This is a general assessment that will compare their foreign qualification to an Australian qualification using the Australian Qualifications Framework.

FASEA recognises that such assessments were previously conducted by the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR) before it was absorbed into DET. However, the NOOSR principles remain in place and would apply to the assessment process. This means, for example, that existing advisers who have had a previous assessment under NOOSR would qualify for recognition, under the current draft guidelines.

After obtaining this assessment, the guidance proposes that individuals with foreign qualifications will then need to seek confirmation from FASEA as to the specific relevance of their degree content in relation to the educational standards framework.

The Standards Authority invites submissions from stakeholders on this approach and confirms that no action is needed from individuals with foreign qualifications at this stage until the guidance is finalised.