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16 November 2018

FASEA releases Provisional Relevant Provider Expression Legislative Instrument


FASEA has today released its legislative instrument for the provisional relevant provider term for consultation.

The term has been developed for consumers to identify a provisional relevant provider undergoing their work and training (professional year) requirement with a qualified relevant provider and was determined after consultation with stakeholders in July and August 2018.

As such FASEA has proposed the final expressions to be used for a Provisional Relevant Provider as “Provisional Financial Adviser” or “Provisional Financial Planner”, which may be used interchangeably.

“We welcome stakeholder feedback as we move to the final stage of development for the provisional relevant provider expression standard and it will be reviewed prior to release of the final standard,” FASEA Chief Executive Stephen Glenfield said.

The legislative instrument and explanatory statement can be viewed here.

All feedback and submissions on the Legislative Instrument can be submitted through FASEA’s dedicated consultations email consultation@fasea.gov.au by 30 November 2018.