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Foreign Qualifications Policy


The policy contemplates a 2 step approach:  an assessment by a Department of Education and Training (DET) approved body, for example the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) and Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) associations and then an assessment by FASEA as to the equivalence of the foreign qualification to a degree or qualification approved under FPS001 Education Pathways Policy.

Upon receipt of a certified copy of the individual’s qualification and a copy of the DET assessment from the DET approved body, FASEA will determine the requirements for the new entrant or existing adviser (as defined under s1546A of the Corporations Act 2001) under FPS001 Education Pathways Policy.

FASEA approved foreign qualifications will be added to FASEA’s Foreign Qualification Precedent Database and be available on FASEA’s website.

Policy Statement